Old Hall Collection: Alveston Hot Water Jug


I saw this listed on a well known Internet auction site for just £2.50 and thought it really looked from the pictures as if it had seen better days, but as Alveston range items are usually so expensive I thought it worth having a go. I ended up paying a great deal more than £2.50, but the final price was still only about a quarter of what these usually sell for on line. It has been battered quite badly but there are no significant dents or battle scars. A quick trip through the dishwasher fetched the inside up pretty well and a second run through really made it look good internally. Externally it’s an awful lot better than it was, but it still needs attention.

I have recently acquired another Old Hall item that has been very well used indeed and I hope to get some expert advice from the OHCC about how to repolish that and this jug to a high standard.

In a nutshell:

About the item:

ABOVE: Inside before the Dishwasher!

RIGHT: Inside after the dishwasher .... it will go back through the next few times I run it and should then be really clean.

BELOW: Slight flattening to underside of spout on right of centre-line.

RIGHT & BELOW (clockwise): Damage to the lid knob; larger dint under the spout; smaller dint to one side

SEE BELOW for Damage and Cleaning.

Meeting it’s partner teapot for the first time, with guest appearance by Auntie Dorothy’s Swan Kettle.