Old Hall Collection: Alveston Sugar Basin


This, and the matching cream jug, were listed on the omnipresent web-based auction site with the coloured letters used to promote it’s name, for just £16. I say “just” - that doesn’t imply that I think £16 is throw-away change, but considering how much Alveston items usually go for, and how much competition for them there is, it was a very good price ... especially when, to my astonishment, no one else placed a bid, so I got the two items for £16 with free P&P.

Because the Cream Jug can be dated to the first four years of the 20 year production run (see details on the Cream Jug’s page of this website), and because, like the cream jug, this sugar basin is in mint condition and came from the same seller, I am making an educated guess that both items were bought together and are therefore the same age. Potentially this may not be true and so potentially this basin could be as recent as 1984, but it seems more likely that it is between 47 and 51 years old.

In a nutshell:

About the item: