Old Hall Collection: Alveston Tea Pot


Acquired at Christmas 2012 from an on-line auction. It took until past the middle of January 2013 for this to be delivered and I was getting really quite worried that I’d been ‘had’, but eventually the teapot did arrive, well packed, and in marginally better condition than I had expected from the photos on the auction site.

After soaking overnight in very strong washing up liquid solution and water at over 70 degrees C the pot stopped smelling of I’m-not-sure-what, but it wasn’t especially pleasant and it certainly wasn’t tea! (I suspect it was some sort of cleaning solution that had been used to clean the inside of the pot as the inside looks almost unused until you look very carefully down the spout, whereupon you can see that it is thickly coated in (presumably) tannin - past experience with Grandma’s Bramah teapot tells me that 2 or 3 times through the dishwasher with Ecover detergent and all trace of tannin will be gone, even in the spout).

A fairly quick clean with Stellar stainless steel cleaner made it look really pretty good.

There is significant damage to the edge of the lid, the edges of the knob and the top edges of the spout - it looks as though this has been in a box of hard (probably metallic) objects and “chucked about” at some stage in it’s life. The handle is also very slightly bent in towards the pot, but I doubt anyone would notice unless they had another pot or a picture of a perfect one standing alongside this one.

In a nutshell:

The teapot features on my latest recipe page - Singin’ Hinny.

About the item: