Old Hall Collection: Barrel Outline Tea Tray


The last of a tranche of Old Hall  items I bought on-line in mid 2015. This cost me just £10 and it rather looks as though it has never been used, arriving in the original box, wrapped in what could very easily be the original polythene bag, withe the original care leaflet in pristine condition.

I had bought it thinking that it would be used at Garden Open Days, along with several other Old Hall trays, but as the handles are completely perfect in every way, and could be prone to scuffing or the crisp, sharp edges being spoiled by knocks, I think I may reserve this for indoors only.

The included catalogue and price list made interesting reading and I have been able to add images from it to many of my other Old Hall pages, giving you an idea of prices in the 1970’s.

In a nutshell:

About the item: