Old Hall Collection: Campden Cutlery


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The fish-eaters would appear to have never been used, or if they have, only a very few times and always returned to their original plastic bags. They are almost 100% scratch-free.

The place setting may have been used once or twice, but I judge this more on the state of the box than the cutlery since the cutlery itself looks untouched.


In a nutshell:

About the item:

I contacted Nigel Wiggin of the Old Hall Collectors’ Club to see if he had any ideas about a hand-written sticker on the base of the place setting (see right) and was very interested in his reply:

That’s a very nice little collection of Campden cutlery, especially the boxes which I think add so much character to the items and their condition is also fine and consistent with their age.  


I can throw a bit of light on the label.   The original reference numbers for Campden cutlery all began with CF (i.e. Campden Flatware) and CF310 was the number for a standard six piece place setting i.e. table knife (with steel handle), table fork, dessert knife (with steel handle), dessert fork, dessert spoon and tea spoon.  The replacement of the steel handle knives with nylon handle ones changed the number to CF310N.  JW probably stands for J & J Wiggin (but this is only a guess!).  PO/N is probably their Purchase Order number (again only a guess). 


The label is certainly one of the customers own and not one put on at the works.


The place setting was introduced in 1960 (i.e. three years after the individual items) and ran through until 1972.  The tea spoon was replaced by a soup spoon in 1971, so yours is one of these last sets so it is very rare!   Most of these details are in the Campden section of the A – Z on page 126.