Old Hall Collection:

Campden holder with Pyrex Tumbler


I saw these listed on a well known on-line auction site, then I saw them re-listed, then re-listed again. I didn’t have the spare cash to buy them and I did feel that the price was a little ambitious. On the third re-listing they were greatly reduced and I did have a little money available and so I bought them. They are actually so immaculate that I wonder if they had ever been used at all - I was probably quite wrong to think that the original asking price was a little high and I think I got a real bargain here.

June 2015 Update: I recently bought a number of items from the Old Hall Collectors’ Club sales list, including two more of these delightful holder & tumbler sets, so I now have a set of 4 in regular use. The latest two are in Bright finish and are shown at the bottom of this page.

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