Old Hall Collection: Chippendale Edge Salver


The last of four online auction bargains I picked up in the same week at the start of June 2015. This looked filthy on the auction listing, and indeed there is some well and truly ingrained black dirt in the lines of the moulded edge which neither I nor the dishwasher can shift so far. There is also a horrible mark on the underside (see top left) which is rough to the touch but will not shift at all: I wore a hole into a duster trying to soften whatever it is with “stellar” stainless steel saucepan cleaner, after a two-night soak in soda crystals and water - which started freshly boiled from the kettle - and a trip through the dishwasher all failed to make any impression at all. I strongly suspect that his tray has spent a prolonged period of time stuck to a surface with whatever the residue is from - possibly something like bitumen even - and that it may have been hot for some of that time. I shall seek advice from Old Hall experts on what else I might try.

The tray, or more correctly Salver, is very very badly scratched all over its entire upper and lower surfaces, so when I can justify spending the money a professional repolish is the real answer to this one.

Despite the condition of the tray, it’s a very nice shape and an excellent size, and it has no bends or bashes to worry about.

Oddly, Old Hall only made the trays (in three sizes) for this design for one year (1938) and then revitalised the design as the large Salver  after the war for 15 years. It’s a shame in way that this isn’t one of the smaller trays as that would then make it both authentically a 1930’s piece and also rather rarer than this version. However, for use to carry a tea service around, or similar, the smaller trays would have been less practical.

In a nutshell:

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