Old Hall Collection: Connaught Tea Service (Satin)


Bought from the OHCC sales list, in fact three of these items are (or appear to be) from a single set whilst the tea pot itself is clearly from a different set. The give away is that the teapot was once a mirror-polished one, whilst the other three items have always been satin finish. The tea pot has been professionally repolished at some time in its life, but under the knob on the lib and inside the two parts of the handle there are tell-tale signs of mirror finish still, which do not appear on the made-as-satin items. I’m no expert on the manufacturing process but clearly the satin finish is given to the component parts of the items before final assembly, and obviously any subsequent refinishing cannot include un-welding joints in order to polish beneath them.

It doesn’t worry me: it would be hard to notice the discrepancy and as items that I use daily they are no less serviceable or liked.

In a nutshell:

About the item: