Old Hall Collection: Connaught Tea Service (Bright)


A very kind gift from my friend Paul in July 2015. This had been his late Grandma’s tea service and he very kindly offered it to me for my collection. All items are in immaculate condition and show signs of light use (i.e. light tannin stains inside the pots).

These highly polished pieces really do look as good as silver-plate and although I tried them on the Campden tray, they look even more gleaming and eye-catching on the round hammered tray in Bright finish. Both trays were made at the same time as Connaught so there is no reason not to use either with the set.

Teaming the tea-set, tray and the two latest Pyrex tumblers and bright holders makes a stunning set - see below.

I am most grateful to Paul for this tea service.

In a nutshell:

About the item: