Old Hall Collection: Dodecagonal Tea Tray


A lovely tray in very good condition for which I paid £12 from an online auction site. No one else bid - possibly I paid a little over the odds and maybe that’s why no one else was looking. It could do with a bit of a polish up, but after going through the dishwasher twice it’s really pretty sparkling.

The shape of this tray attracted me at once - I’ve always been very interested in geometric shapes, ever since Mr. Gibbs at Henry Fanshaw introduced me to the book
“Polyhedron Models” by Wenninger in 1982, and so I recognised the shape as a dodecagon, long before I’d actually looked the tray up in the Old Hall A to Z and found that the official description is simply “Dodecagonal tray”.

This tray has been marked with one of those Ultra-Violet security pens, and neither stainless steel cleaner nor dishwashing has shifted it. Thus it is still very easy to read “BB8 5EZ” on it. As the tray was sold by someone in Nelson, Lancs and the postcode BB8 5EZ is in Colne, near to Nelson, it may be that the UV pen user was someone who highly prized this tray and possibly a relative is carrying out house clearance or similar now.


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