Old Hall Collection: Gothic Cake Stand


My latest purchase: I narrowly missed out on a Gothic Cake Stand on e-bay in early 2013. It had black glass plates, which I didn’t think were original, but investigation with The Old Hall Collectors Club revealed that they probably were. (See below.)

I love the shape of these cake stands and had not appreciated that they are rather more rare than other Old Hall cake stands, including the Bodiam design, which I do like very much, but which is not so quintessentially Art Deco as the Gothic one.

Very very fortuitously another Old Hall Collectors Club member, who had seen my web site, offered me first refusal on this Gothic Cake Stand, which was about to be listed for sale in the next club newsletter.

I can’t quite make up my mind if I think these glass plates, with cut design, are even more elegant than the black ones, though I do feel that, regardless of elegance, the black ones added to the Art Deco-ness of the stand.

No matter I absolutely love this design and it’s absolutely perfect for my Art Deco house.

In a nutshell:

About the item: