Old Hall Collection: Silver Jubilee Goblet


An e-bay bargain in early 2013, this poor, neglected, goblet was sold for pennies and was completely coated in such thick tarnish on the inside that it looked as it it had a coating of soot all over. Despite a number of treatments and polishings with Goddard’s Long Term Silver Cleaner I still cannot get it completely clean (I’m sure I will over time).

Unusually for Old Hall it is a silver-plated item. I actually didn’t quite believe the vendor when they listed it as Old Hall as I didn’t realise that Old Hall had ever made any silver items, but Nigel Wiggin of the OHCC informs me that between 1975 and 1979 they did make a very limited range in Silver Plate. Most ironic since, as you will know if you know the origins of Old(e) Hall, it was the desire of the founder’s wife that he should make tableware from (what was then new-fangled) Stainless Steel precisely so that she could be relieved of the continuous duty of polishing silver.

In a nutshell:

About the item: