Old Hall Collection: LifeSpan Candle Holders


A Charity Shop find - the glass top from one of the holders was in a display of recycled Christmas Decorations and the base of one of them was on a nearby shelf with other candle holders. The items were priced individually but when I told the staff that they were part of one thing and showed how they fitted together she realised that they had (at least one) more and fetched the parts of the second one. They are in very good condition and surprisingly, given how they had been stored latterly, there are no chips in the glass parts.

June 2015 Update.

At the 2015 Old Hall Collectors’ Club Summer Fair I narrowly missed out on three more of these candle holders in Satin finish Stainless Steel, but did manage to buy an odd one. I also acquired a further two in satin steel from a charity shop earlier in the same  week. I now have the three satin stainless ones on the lounge fireplace and the silver plate ones remain in the dining room, alongside a David Mellor Embassy silver candlestick. The Satin steel ones are shown below.

In a nutshell:

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