Old Hall Collection: Lifespan Square Tea Tray


Another on-line auction bargain - only 99p and no one else bidding against me.

The listing photographs on eth auction site made the tray look truly filthy and horribly scratched.

When it arrived it didn’t look that much better than it had on line, but after a couple of turns through the dishwasher and a going over with “Astonish” shower cleaner its not too bad. The underneath is very badly scraped (as can be seen in the picture bottom left) and there is a deep “V” shaped scar in the top surface (see main picture above) but other than that it’s actually in quite good order.

I have no idea what R.M.Y.C. stands for and having consulted Nigel Woiggin at teh OHCC we are both at a loss. Googling the letters brings up a long list of Yacht Clubs, many of which are Royal something-or-other Yacht Club, although some are other variations. It seems likely that this tray was stamped by or for a Yacht Club, but it’s really anyone’s guess.

In a nutshell:

About the item: