Old Hall Collection:

Mabel Lucie Atwell Boy’s Mug with Bunny & Balloon


An absolute snip at well under £2.00!

This child’s mug (listed in the Old Hall A to Z book as “Boy’s”  .... how that would go down these days I don’t know!!!) is a lovely but clearly well used example of a Mabel Lucie Atwell design. I do think that her designs are lovely. A few of years ago, when my niece had her first child, I did thin of buying some Old Hall child’s tableware for him, but decided that I’d beed saddened by too many things of quality and in good condition being passed on to my niece in her infancy, only to be ruined very quickly, that I wasn’t going to chance it with collectable items; hence hitherto I’ve never bought or handled any of the Mabel Lucie Atwell designs until now.

I have recently acquired another Old Hall item that has been very well used indeed and I hope to get some expert advice from the OHCC about how to repolish that and this mug to a high standard.

In a nutshell:

About the item:

Lovely and clean inside, though sadly two dints at the base.

LMA’s wonderful design, not too badly affected by the surface scratches.

The base is quite badly scratched but LMA’s signature and the Old Hall stamp are still clear to see.