Old Hall Collection: NOT Old Hall - Swan (Bulpitt) Kettle


This has nothing to do with Old Hall, or how I started to collect Old Hall, at all, except that ............

........ whilst photographing the Old Hall items for my web site it did occur to me that Swann (Bulpitt & Sons) was another of those great British companies, based in Birmingham, whose name was synonymous with quality for decades. (Much like BSR, ASL Airflow, Hozelock and, of course, Old Hall - of whom all but Hozelock are now long defunct.)

This Swan Kettle was bought from Boots in Sheffield in 1976 by my late Great-Auntie Dorothy (I know this because, being a methodical lady, she had placed the receipt and guarantee card inside the box, and the box in her box-room, and there they still were when the kettle  came to me around about 1990, when Auntie Dorothy moved into a retirement home). It’s been in daily use ever since - as it had from new until then - and to date has never even needed so much as a new element: I don’t think I need to say any more to make the point about quality of manufacture!

It also pours without the slightest dribble, boils almost silently (unlike most modern kettles), switches off promptly when it boils (unlike most kettles reviewed by Which? these days) and is comfortable to hold without straining your wrist (unlike jug kettles). What more could I ask for? Should it ever go wrong I know that Sisman’s in Sheffield still keeps the elements and switches for these. In fact I think the only part you can’t get now is the old style circular connector - this must have been one of the last kettles made with that type of lead. Thankfully I have two spares in the workshop, but I can’t imagine how I’d ever manage to break the connector anyway.

In a nutshell:

The eagle-eyed will spot the kettle on some of my recipe pages - e.g. Singin’ Hinny.

About the item: