Old Hall Collection: Oblong Hammered Tea Tray


An on line auction find again, but unlike the silver plated cream jug, and the Lifespan Tea Tray, this wasn’t such a bargain. The item was listed at a starting bid price which I suspect was too high to attract much attention, and no one but me placed a bid, so I got it for the starting price. The P&P charge was quite high too, though not excessive, and that may have put other bidders off.

It’s a good, heavyweight, strong tray, and easy to pick up and carry with the deep rim, which also makes it easy to keep things safely on it.

I like the hammered products as they always remind me of some of Grandma’s pre-war dishes and the original “No. 2 Hammered” glass fitted to the transoms of the bay window, the bathroom and lavatory windows here at home. As such I always think of hammered finishes as being 1930’s, though this tray is most definitely post-war.

In a nutshell:

About the item: