Old Hall Collection: Silver Plated Cream Jug


It must be frustrating if you are a new seller just starting out on that (in)famous online auction site: until you have quite a lot of positive feedback you are, effectively, ostracised and treated as an unreliable, dishonest, nobody.

The seller of this gorgeous cream jug is clearly in that unpleasant position as they had no sales history, no feedback and no ratings when they listed this item for 55p. Yes, fifty-five new pence And because they had no ratings no one else was even bothering to view the item, let alone place bids, so I won the auction for 55p.

Admittedly for a few days I wondered if I would ever see the item, but then one day later that the automated delivery estimate, the postman called with this jug, in it’s original box, wrapped in brown paper and stuck together with white insulating tape.

The box was not in particularly great condition and that could be seen on the auction listing - indeed, based on the auction listing it seemed to be the wrong box, but when it arrived the inside of the box was actually in better condition than it looked and what I thought were areas of the paper scraped off turned out, in fact, to be dried splashes of something - possibly Silvo - which cleaned off with a damp dishcloth. Once cleaned the box turned out to be the correct one, showing the item number quite clearly.

The jug itself had probably never been used. It was slightly tarnished, but a quick rub with Silvo and a wash in hot water and Squeezy soon made it shine as new. It’s been used now - I had cream in it for Strawberries and cream with the other half on the day after it arrived. It pours well but dribbles when you stop pouring. Prudence finds that it is not quite big enough to get her head in to lick the last drops of cream out: her whiskers and ears get stuck on the sides!

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