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Stockton & Darlington Railway Tea Tray


This tray appeared on an on-line auction site when I searched for “British Rail Teapot”. I’m not sure what that says about the search engine algorithms in use: possibly that they are as good as the SpellCheckers which will insist on turning “Sally” into “Silly” and “faces” into “feaces”. (Probably written by the same people who tell you at the recycling site that a pine door with glass still fitted has to be put into the “Chipboard” skip for recycling ... how pine + glass = chipboard is beyond me!)

It worked in my favour anyway because, whilst I did not find any BR teapots, this Stockton and Darlington Railway souvenir Tea Tray is rather pleasant and in very good condition. And, best of all, it didn’t cost much at all.

I know little about the tray - it doesn’t seem to appear in the Old Hall A to Z and I can only assume that it was made in 1975 since that is the date of the 150 year anniversary which it is to commemorate .. possibly 1974 to allow time for a stock to be made and distributed.

It would appear that the tray is a screen printed ‘special’ version of the Campden tray, number 42056, which is listed as plain center, bright edge, 13” x 7.5” with the designer credited as Robert Welch (for the tray) and Profile Publications Limited (for the pattern).

The Campden trays won the Design of the Year award in 1962 from the Council of Industrial Design, so one assumes that this tray would be entitled to display the award too.

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