Old Hall Collection: Sugar Dredger


Another item from the OHCC sales list. I have a number of cast glass sugar dredgers inherited from my grandparents, but most have no top, hence are actually completely unserviceable for their intended purpose. The only one with a top has a filigree Silver top, but the glass is cut rather than cast. As I use a sugar dredger mainly in the kitchen when baking I don’t want to use the cut glass and silver one in case it gets damaged. As such I’d been on the look out for a more hard-waring dredger for a while when I saw this on offer. It lives in the pantry, always topped up with caster sugar, and gets used almost every time I bake a cake or mince pies (which is quite a lot, especially during the Open Garden season). I also reach for it when it’s Rhubarb or Gooseberry season as I love plain, stewed, fruit, with a dusting of sugar on top as a healthy dessert.

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