Old Hall Collection: Warwick Hot Water Jug


Walking past my favourite Charity shop on Jan 2nd 2014 my eye was drawn to a ‘mirror-ball’ sparkle on the display unit in the shop window and I looked up to see this lovely, and near-perfect, water jug / coffee pot catching the Winter sun, in exactly the spot where the Lifespan Candle holders had been a few weeks ago.

Although shining brightly in the sunlight, the pot was quite dull in places and covered in the residue of Sellotape and sticky labels. A handwritten tag proclaimed “Staycool Thermos Jug £5”. Needless to say I went straight in and bought it, without bothering to disabuse the counter staff of the idea that this is a Thermos jug or that it’s designed to keep anything except the handle cool.

After a run through the dishwasher the outside is perfect and all sticky residues are gone. The inside isn’t bad at all - a couple more turns through the dishwasher, and maybe an overnight soak with a teaspoon of Soda crystals in it, will have it like new.

In a nutshell:

About the item: